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Professional Employers Of Texas is a boutique PEO consulting agency. Our services allow small and mid-sized businesses to offer competitive packages of Employer Benefits to attract and retain the best employees.

Looking for affordable Health Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, and Employee Benefit plans? Can’t keep up with ever changing Affordable Care Act rules, Fair Labor Standards Overtime Act, Dept of Labor Laws, Compliance, OSHA, EEOC, ever changing rules and regulations? Work place injuries increasing your NCCI Experience Modifier? Claims management getting overwhelming? Sued by an employee for work place harassment, or fined by the IRS for payroll tax mistakes?

It Might Be Time to Consider Joining a PEO

In today’s business environment, an HR Department keeping up with changing government regulations and employee legal issues is as important a function as the accounting and financial arm of the company.

Businesses did not go into business to become Human Resource, Payroll, Benefits, or Workers Compensation Insurance specialists. These functions evolved as business grew, and are typically integrated within payroll processing or a similar department.

A company that does not maintain impeccable HR & personnel records will find it extremely difficult to defend themselves in the event of an audit or a law suit. Small to mid-sized businesses are often seen as soft targets by attorneys representing disgruntled employees on wage or discrimination claims, simply because law firms know from past experience that substantiating paperwork is often sketchy at best. As the legal cost and disruption of a law suit progresses, businesses will be inclined to reach a settlement. The  IRS and Department of Labor have increased scrutiny of company records, and are assessing penalties between $130 and $1,100 per day per violation.

In the event a discrimination, wrongful termination, or harassment complaint, is filed with the EEOC, the employer is required to investigate the complaint at its own expense. The EEOC will direct and oversee the investigation. It will also protect the employee against any retaliatory action from the employer. During this process, the EEOC will have virtually unfettered access to company employees and records. Positively not an advantageous position for the employer. Regardless of the ultimate outcome, the company has lost the battle in terms of time and money spent to defend.

PEOs bring relief to business owners with their expertise and handling of such EEOC, payroll tax audits, & Workers Compensation claims.

Professional Employer of Texas provides solutions.

We allow companies to focus on their core revenue generating activities. We provide the entire spectrum of HR Benefits needed to attract and retain the very best employees.

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ACA Compliance

ACA Compliant affordable health plans for employees.

Tax Solutions

Complete Payroll Tax and Administration Solutions

Employee Benefits

Benefit packages to attract and retain key employees

Human Resources

HR Specialists for today's complex HR challenges

Workers' Comp

Comprehensive management of Workers' Compensation Programs

Occupational Accident

An alternative insurance for work place injury

EPLI Coverage

Defense for discrimination and employment related claims

Technology Solutions

Cutting edge HR Technology & Software

What is Outsourced HR?

There is a common misconception that PEOs are Staffing Companies, and the employer loses authority over their employees.

Under a PEO agreement, the PEO is the co-employer on record for Payroll & Administrative purposes only. The client company, (employer), always retains full control over the employees, including all day to day job duties and functions.

PEO Texas allows clients to customize services for their company. Clients are matched to PEOs with a proven track record serving their industry, and familiar with DOL and OSHA requirements.


The Traditional Full Service PEO

The Traditional Full Service PEO with Co-Employment Relationship is a powerful tool for businesses to free in-house resources, and consolidate Human Resources, Benefits, Retirement and Payroll. It allows companies to focus on their core business and income generating strategies, and also capitalize on cost savings offered by these consolidations. PEOs assumes the role of the Administrative Employer, including HR, Payroll, ACA Compliance, and Benefits, while the Client company continues to be the Work Site Employer, retaining direct control of the employees, and their job duties. The PEO offers top notch health insurance and retirement options to the employees. Client companies benefit by the savings on Workers Compensation Insurance, with no deposits and end of term audits. PEOs operate with a low Experience Modifier, which allows many client companies to work in industries where a low Modifier is a contractual requirement. In most cases, after being in a PEO for two years, the client company is eligible to claim the PEO’s Work Comp Modifier as its own.


Carve Out Option

PEO Agreements with a Carve Out Option allows the Client company to retain their own Health or Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Businesses in a captive Work Comp program, or having a low modifer, or in a dividend program, may elect to keep their own insurance. The client company can maintain existing beneficial arrangements, and customize their plan.


PEO with an ASO

PEO with an ASO (Administrative Services Only) Option allows clients to access PEO benefits of Payroll Processing, access to low cost Benefits, HR Consulting, yet still operate under their own Tax ID and Experience Modifier.  The PEO is not the employer on record, nor is there a co-employer agreement between the companies. The PEO can provide HR Consultancy services and assist in claims management and employment legal liability issues.