Hidden Cost of Human Capital

Investing In Human Capital Businesses are finally recognizing the hidden cost of Human Capital as a tangible and measurable expense. The progression of competitive workplaces, aggressive employment recruiting strategies, and increased mobility in the work force, has finally driven home the fact to business owners that retaining talent requires a multi-faceted approach. It has [...]


Why Join A PEO

Reasons to Consider a PEO   PEOs allow employers to focus on their core, revenue generating, activities, allowing experts to handle the back end Payroll, Human Resources and Taxes. Payroll Activities Companies spend, on the average, approximately 8 - 12 hours per payroll run. A PEO allows tremendous automation to this process. PEOs have [...]


PEO in a Nutshell

PEO's or Professional Employers Organizations, have been around for the better part of 20 years, yet remain a mystery to most business owners. When employers hear the phrase, PEO, or Staff Leasing Companies, the most common response is, "no, we prefer to have our own employees", or, "we don't use "temporary staffing", or "we're happy [...]


Why To Go PEO

It saves money: You can probably get a better rate on workers compensation through a PEO because the policies they offer often feature high deductibles and multiple categories. As a rule, they tend to handle claims efficiently and put a lot of effort into rooting out fraudulent claims that can end up costing companies. Legal [...]


Technology Platform

Technology Solutions The Affordable Care Act  has imposed a significant compliance burden on most businesses.Employers are required to submit complex reports detailing employee health coverage, hours worked, and number of employees. These IRS Forms 1094 & 1095 are complex and time consuming. Software to keep up with these changing tax forms and HR Solutions are [...]


PEO & Experience Modifiers

Effective July 1, 2015, with the inclusion of Texas as a NCCI State, the calculation for the Experience Modifier has changed. This change will have a significant impact on businesses in Texas, as the basis for calculating the Experience Modifier will be affected by these changes. Key Points: The split point between a primary and [...]

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