PEOs for HVAC Contractors, Plumbers, Carpentry, Electrical Contractors and more

PEOs and Artisan Contractors share a special relationship. Both of them are specialists in their own area of expertise.

Artisan & Specialty Contractors such as HVAC, Flooring, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Door & Window Installation, Dry Wall, Masonry, Painting, Landscaping etc, are experts in their line of work. Their Office Managers, Foremen, Supervisors, are usually skilled craftsmen, who have risen through the ranks. Their area of expertise typically does not include DOL, EPLI, EEOC, IRS, FLSA, Health & Benefits, Conflict Resolution, Employee Handbooks, and legal compliance with labor laws. This leaves them especially vulnerable to claims of mis-management, harassment, and discrimination, in the event of an employee dispute.

artisan-airconditioningPEOs Can Provide a Complete Insurance Package for Contractors

Artisan Contractors have insurance requirements specific to their industry, including General Liability, Commercial Auto, Inland Marine, Umbrella etc. The PEO arrangement is an ideal complement to their Employer Liability Insurance.

Depending on the type of business, PEOs can provide a complete risk based solutions package for Contractors.

PEOs work with job site and office supervisory personnel to analyze risks and exposures, and put safety practices in place to reduce claims and injuries. PEOs are able to indemnify and protect the business by virtue of the co-employment agreement, and provide a documented audit trail for safety training and compliance.

The majority of small companies do not have the internal expertise or resources to fight employee claims, and have to rely on outside legal counsel. A PEO provides the crucial legal expertise for defense and restitution at no cost to their clients, due to the co-employer relationship. In addition, it assumes liability for HR and Payroll Tax related issues with the Internal Revenue Service. Lastly, it provides a platform of benefits for employees, becoming an employer of choice to attract and retain a skilled work force.

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