HR, Payroll & Work Comp Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturers greatly benefit in a PEO partnership with a HR outsourcing company who understand the complexities of HR in a manufacturing based work force.

Manufacturing companies invest heavily in technology and manufacturing advancements. HR & Payroll are often viewed as administrative cost centers, and there is less emphasis to upgrade those departments.

manufacturingHR functions in a manufacturing facility is a highly skilled position. The product / process line driven shop floor calls for an integration between various departments. Most HR specialists in manufacturing need to have a working knowledge of the production process, and floor management. They also need to have an understanding of collective bargaining, safety programs, communication protocols in a shift operation, develop job descriptions, and ensure compliance is met in a diverse work force.

PEOs have the experience to assist manufacturing companies with the above tasks. Their expertise in loss prevention, safety inspections, creating clearly stated job descriptions; is integral to developing a long term risk management strategy.  These measures also create a compliance audit trail log crucial to defending a legal challenge.

HR & Safety Managers With Manufacturing Expertise

PEOs also serve as a valuable resource to in-house HR and Safety managers and can contribute prior case law and rulings to determine the best course of action in a disciplinary situation.

These services are included free of cost to PEO clients. The PEO is the Employer on Record for Administrative services, so they have a vested interest to ensure Local, State and Federal laws & regulations are being followed.

PEOs allow smaller companies to offer exceptional benefits, including health, disability, life, dental, and 401, at low cost to the clients. Basic life and 401 administration are offered at no extra cost to client companies, saving thousands of dollars in annual fees.

Outsourcing key HR functions allows management to focus on their key revenue generating activities, continue to remain compliant with governmental agencies, and present a benefits package at low cost to their employees.

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