It saves money: You can probably get a better rate on workers compensation through a PEO because the policies they offer often feature high deductibles and multiple categories. As a rule, they tend to handle claims efficiently and put a lot of effort into rooting out fraudulent claims that can end up costing companies.

Legal Advice: You now have a place to turn when seeking straight answers to tough questions about employees. PEOs help with guidance concerning terminations, as well as obligations to comply with employment and workplace laws and regulations that seem to change every year.

Paperwork killer: Background checks and other hiring services are usually done through the PEO, which saves time, expense, and trouble.

Basket of benefits: You can secure all your employee benefits at the same time, from general health insurance to dental coverage and retirement plans.

Taxes: Once you have signed on with a PEO, there will no longer be a need to collect, process, and forward your workers’ FICA, SUTA, or FUTA payments. The PEO is responsible.

HR Strategy: It’s cheap insurance against the risk of having employees. It will leave you feeling 100% confident about your HR strategy.

Outsource Time Consuming Tasks: The PEO helps your employees with time-consuming employment matters. You retain full control over jobs and the workplace. This eliminates friction and improves working relationships.

Staffed by Experts: Employees will appreciate the responsiveness and exceptional service-minded nature of a PEO. Most of them will appreciate the owner’s professionalism for switching to a great PEO.

Become an Employer of Choice: Better employee recruiting and retention. You can offer cheaper, better employee benefits and state of the art employee HR portals to entice new employees and secure the ones they already have.

Get a Legal Buffer: A PEO stands in place of the business when it comes to government compliance. It’s like an insurance policy that takes on your employment risks – including Obamacare.