Technology Solutions

HR Solutions are costly, complex, and require considerable maintenance and annual upgrades to keep up with changing laws and rates. Most of these solutions are out of reach for small to mid-sized companies.

The recently enacted ACA requires employers to submit complex reports detailing employee health coverage, hours worked, number of employees.

PEOs invest millions in infra-structure and technology to process payroll. They are the administrative employer for thousands of employees.  Their sophisticated web based tools and powerful back office data base applications allow PEOs to prepare customized payroll reports for all types of industries. The PEO’s goal is to streamline and automate the daily administrative functions, allowing them more time to devote to tasks which require personal attention. This includes generating ACA IRS 1094 & 1095 reports and more.

Solutions include web based payroll systems, secure portals for personnel data, time capture and electronic transfer to payroll systems, electronic on-boarding for large groups, including health and retirement enrollment. Multi-layered security allows different levels of access to employees and managers.