Reasons to join a PEO




Most companies consider moving to a PEO relationship at times of organizational triggers. These include:

  • Affordable compliance with ACA without resorting to the Healthcare Marketplace
  • ACA Reporting Costs
  • 2016 FLSA Compliance
  • Increase in health insurance premiums
  • Increase in workers’ compensation premiums or high workers’ compensation claim history
  • High State Unemployment claims, or a high SUTA Rate
  • Discrimination, Wrongful Termination or Sexual Harassment Law Suits are an issue
  • Adding operations in new states
  • Geographically dispersed employee population, multi state payroll taxes, and multiple workers’ compensation policies
  • Under-performing HR function
  • Paying a third party for ISNetworld Compliance / PICS Reports


PEOs make it possible for business owners to focus on what it takes to grow their business, while they handle administrative functions with expert attention. As a PEO client, you don’t have to devote your valuable time tracking payroll or negotiating rates with benefit providers. Nor do you have to hire additional staff to manage it for you. Companies who use PEOs gain economies of scale with employee benefits like Health Insurance, Retirement Plans, and also achieve considerable savings in Workman’s Compensation rates and other Accident policies. It is a cost effective means for smaller businesses to gain access to large health care groups at competitive rates due to the large group size and buying power of the PEOs. Also, by legally contracting out responsibilities related to its employees, the client using the PEO transfers the risk and tax liabilities to the PEO company.

Companies working in Oil & Gas have stringent General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance requirements, and have to remain compliant with ISNetworld insurance and certificates. This includes posting safety manuals, safety procedures, operating procedures, to ISNetworld’s site for review. Non compliance will result in companies being unable to work in plants and refineries. PEO Texas ensures that clients remain compliant with ISNetworld certificates and documents.

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